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Local is Key

It’s Monday and May the 4th be with you! Sorry, bad Star Wars Joke, but the best I got after being cooped up so long. As you may have read with the last order, the Governor is allowing construction to open May 7th. While some of our job sites are going to resume, our office is going to remain closed to outside traffic and will be staffed on limited hours until at least May 15th. Even then, only limited employees will be onsite for the foreseeable future. We are still working and are available by phone and email.

As the economy starts to reopen, I know there is a lot of anxiety about what business is going to look like moving forward. We are in the process of writing our safety and response plans for our buildings and know the businesses who are in those spaces are doing the same. Our trade association, the Home Builders Association of Greater Lansing has been a great resource for us to find the backbone of the plan we are finishing up for our office. The associations for your businesses may be able to help if you need guidance, and I know the Greater Lansing Chamber of Commerce, and LEAP have been great resources for many businesses locally as well. As always, if you have questions please ask, and we can at least point you in the direction of a resource to help if we don’t have the answer.

We all know the business, as usual, isn’t going to be a phrase we will use for some time. I know working together we will keep each other safe and will get our economy in Mid Michigan fired up again. Remember, the more dollars we flow through local businesses the faster our region stabilizes. Every mask purchased from a neighborhood sewer is spent right here at another local business, the sanitizer from the local distillers pays local employees that buy their lunch at local restaurants. Every dollar counts more than ever right now. I know it may not be feasible for every piece of protective equipment needed, but I just ask you to look at what does make sense to help rebuild our region’s economy. I appreciate every one of you and I look forward to a time we can meet in person again.

Best Regards,

Brent Forsberg


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