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Play to Your Strengths

Updated: May 1, 2020

Last week I used the quote from John Adams, “Every opportunity is a problem in disguise.” in one of my posts. I kept this at the forefront of my thoughts the last week as I worked through budgets, loans, stalling project plans, and the continuous stream of zoom meetings. It can be hard to find the opportunity when it seems every goal and objective you are fighting every day to achieve is on fire. On Wednesday, April 8th, my class study was, Focus on your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham. Specifically, we watched the video series; “Trombone Player Wanted.” His premise, staying focused on the tasks that you are awful at, will only progress you to being really bad at them. It doesn’t mean shirk all responsibilities in areas that aren’t your favorite, it does mean using your strengths to bring the greatest value to yourself and those around you.

After 3 weeks of operating through the chaos, it seems our “new normal” has at least another 3 weeks left. Even at that point how we will operate safely in society still needs to be figured out. While this is getting sorted and we are in quarantine, I ask you to think about, what are your biggest strengths? What activities energize you?

For the first time in a long time, I have had a chance to just think again. I began reviewing my thousands of pages of collected research studies and hundreds upon hundreds of pages of notes. Gaining and applying the knowledge is definitely one of these activities for me. The last 2 years have had me focused almost entirely on project implementation. The planning and strategic time I know I should have been spending regularly were cut because it seemed the least relevant.

I don’t think any of us here will have a moment like this again in our careers. A forced 3 weeks with a little extra of the one thing life has never given me a surplus of, time. Time is the one thing during life we can never get back. To me, this is the opportunity. I urge you to take some of this time and look at what makes you stronger and brings you that sense of energy and revival in your life. Put it on a fast track of development and keep it going even when we get back to work. If you want to share your thoughts regarding your strengths, tips you have found useful during the crisis, or even something you find interesting, please don’t hesitate to post or if you would like, email me. I hope your week is full of purpose and your opportunities begin to shine through the darkness and uncertainty surrounding us all. Be Well, and Stay Safe!


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