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The Gift of Time

In line with some of my other notes on “every opportunity is a problem in disguise,” I wanted to bring up the idea of the gift of time. For me, the idea of time is the most precious asset we have. I talk to my kids about the fact, we are all given the same amount of it daily. How we choose to fill those moments speaks to what we truly value in life. I hope we never have a time period again like this in our future, but at the same time, it allowed me to talk to my kids about goal setting and putting together their life plans and having more time to just be with them. I also was able to refocus on some of my writing I have neglected for months. I hope in the moments of uncertainty we faced, the fear of what the future will hold, and trying to work through how those around us were effected we all got a minute to focus on us.

I heard great stories of families setting up weekly calls and connecting more often than they had. I heard about art projects being restarted and some hobbies being explored. Being the industry that we are, the amount of honey-do lists that were completed should score momentous brownie points for years to come. As we head into the last phases of the stay at home order, please take a moment to write down your experience you just went through. What are some takeaways that could be used to help enrich your life experience moving forward?

It may take some time to get back to “business as usual,” but it won’t take long for us to have our time to become a whirlwind of tasks again. I appreciate everyone who is reading this, and I look forward to a time we are able to meet in person. I hope everyone is finding the resources they need to get their businesses open and providing a safe work environment for yourself and your teams.


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